About Thirdlee


About Thirdlee & Co.

Thirdlee & Co. was established in 2017 by artist & designer Michelle Provençal. A native New Englander, Michelle studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and has worked as an in-house designer for a handful of well-known brands including Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Coach. Inspired by a deep connection to the Maine coast, Thirdlee designs are recognized for their sophisticated treatment of sea-side themes. Michelle is currently based in Maine’s Midcoast region where she works out of her home studio.

All Thirdlee & Co. artwork, images, and designs are © Michelle Provencal Design, LLC.



I am the third generation of "follow your passion" Lees. My grandfather Bob Lee was a commercial artist, carpenter, and a pilot. When I was little he showed me the magic of turning two square shapes into a 3D box by simply connecting points with a few lines, and how a series of ellipses could easily become Mickey Mouse's face. I was immediately hooked. My mother Roberta Lee was a photographer, beachcomber, and a beloved mentor to many. She opened doors and showed me the way to turn my passion for art & design into a career. Thirdlee & Co represents the namesake along with the imagination, humor, and appreciation for beauty that has followed the same line.