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Horse Mussel Shell Ornaments

Horse Mussel Shell Ornaments


Size Range : 3.5 - 5"

A Thirdlee signature ornament, these mussel shells are inspired by nature and handcrafted in needle felted wool. The life like coloration of dyed wool is embellished with beads and sequins resembling droplets of sea water.

Each numbered piece is unique and hangs from a silver thread loop.

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INSPIRATION  .  A mussel shell is a familiar find along the Maine coast. To me, these indigo beauties are captivating with their varied patterns and unique coloration. Some soft and faded by salt & sun, some rich in color and sparkling with seawater, some are decorated with barnacles and other growth. I love the contrast between the high shine of the crispy outer layers, the chalky dryness of the shell itself, and the luminous pearlized under layers. One of the first felted shells I started making, these ornaments are a meaningful keepsake for anyone who has memories of these northern shores.